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CoinaPhoto user: Mariia Kemenska

Photo: Treatment capsules on the white background

Location: Gdynia, Poland



Judge’s Feedback:

"A very clever image! Such an original idea! This photo immediately caught my eye for the vivid colours, the details and for the perfect focus! A great close-up, indeed" - Alessia

"Treatment capsules like you've never seen them before! Such attention to detail is noteworthy, especially the vibrancy of beautiful colours reflecting against the white background." - Alissa

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Hospital

Photographer: Jackson Jack



"This image fully represents this challenge's theme showing great teamwork and it emanates a sense of serenity! It is so well composed. Firstly I like the perspective chosen and the fact that people are busy with their different affairs gives action to the image! Moreover, we can perceive the sweetness and care that the doctors have towards the old patients! Great quality photo too, very clear." - Alessia

Photo: Team work in dental clinic

Photographer: Ariadna de Raadt

Location: The Hague, Netherlands


team work in dental clinic.jpg


"Doctors in action! The composition shows the great job done by doctors every day... their care, dedication, concentration and skills at the service of the patient" - Alessia

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