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CoinaPhoto user: Alexandr Filipenko

Photo: Embankment

Location: Astana, Kazakhstan 



Judge’s Feedback:

"Alexandr's photo shows creativity and ingenuity. The strong leading lines and the cold and warm tones work together. I'm sure during daytime the bridge is just ordinary, but by night it becomes like a portal from a sci-fi movie. Are you bothered by some noise in the blue areas? Have you even noticed it? Or are you caught in the magic of a strong image? I think the picture makes the perfect statement about the camera battle." - Vlad

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Woman pole in the smoke

Photographer: Macarena de Noia

Location: Argentina

  Woman pole in the smoke.jpg 

"Perfect framing and timing. The simple composition draws the attention to the dancer. The smoke makes a great background and the colours perfectly match the subject. The image radiates a lot of energy and dynamism like many others from Macarena's great portfolio." -Vlad

"I genuinely cannot get this photo out of my head. The smoke makes the dancer look absolutely magical and it takes great skill to capture this moment so well." -Alissa

Photo: Thorup Strand

Photographer: Ole Steffensen

Location: Jutland, Denmark

Thorup Strand.jpg   

"I love the 3D effect of this picture, the first ship looks like it wants to come out of my screen. All in the warm colorus of a beautiful sunset make the image captivating. Well done Ole!" - Vlad

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