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As the World’s Digital Photo Market, photos get sold every day on our website. We wanted to know what our users did with the extra cash!

Meet Ankit Bhattacharjee, an India-based photographer who caught our eye because of his story. He sold a few photos on CoinaPhoto and used that money to reinvest in his love for photography and travel. Find out what he bought with the extra money from CoinaPhoto…

He has a passion for the traditional cultural practices of his home country, which you can see from his photography subject. We get to know more about the thoughts, techniques and inspirations of this young, aspirational photographer.

COINAPHOTO: How did you first get into photography?

ANKIT: I liked to visit places since I was little. I got my DSLR as a gift from my mother and generated the thrill of photography ever since.

COINAPHOTO: Have you sold any of your photos through CoinaPhoto? Tell us your story!

ANKIT: My first photo which was sold was a photograph taken during a festival (holi). Surprisingly, I wasn’t feeling well about my camera safety that day since people were throwing colors at each other. But if I hadn’t taken my camera that day, I wouldn’t have got that picture.


COINAPHOTO: We love that photo! What have you bought with the extra money from CoinaPhoto?

ANKIT: I bought a backpack with my extra income by redeeming tokens It helped me a lot, now I can go to densely populated places without worrying about my DSLR. It’s not a camera backpack but clearly it gives surety to my DSLR safety.


COINAPHOTO: That’s awesome! Now you can travel more with your camera. Tell us, what subjects inspire you?

ANKIT: I like more traditional things. Old heritage, old architectures, and wildlife inspire me the most.


COINAPHOTO: What other photographers do you admire?

ANKIT: In Coinaphoto, I admire all young photographers, I love the way they put surprising and creative ideas in their photos. Outside the CoinaPhoto community, I admire David Lloyd.


COINAPHOTO: If there was one thing you would want our CoinaPhoto community of international photographers to know about you, what would it be?


ANKIT: I just wanna say that I was welcomed and labeled as a photographer when I joined Coinaphoto. That label motivates me everyday and every click. I love to visit places and now I can capture this and share it with people that have never seen those places.

COINAPHOTO: Do you have any advice for other photographers or creatives?

ANKIT: A photographer should never expect the perfect climate and photography conditions, because when in good conditions you will capture what has already been captured by most people. But when in bad conditions, you can capture something that has never been seen by most people.

Photography is like sealing your memories so that your memories may live even after your death.

COINAPHOTO: How are you finding CoinaPhoto? What are your likes/dislikes about the platform?

ANKIT: Coinaphoto is a great platform for young photographers to share and show creative images and for professional photographers to reach new boundaries.

What do you think of Ankit’s work? All his photos are available for download in our MARKET.
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