April 02, 2015 17:09

We love to get in touch with our CoinaPhoto users about their first sales with us. Here’s an interview with one of our extremely talented UK users, Janine Moore.

What was the first photograph you earnt some CoinaPhoto tokens from?

The first photograph I earned CoinaPhoto tokens from, which was also shortlisted on a CoinaPhoto competition, was called “A Country Walk in Autumn.” Simply a photograph that I took one sunny autumn afternoon while walking in the countryside.

Every photo has a story, tell us about this moment – where were you, who were you with?

I took this shot while out for a country walk with my family in one of our favourite areas on The National Trust’s Longshaw Estate near Hathersage in Derbyshire. We took a spur of the moment drive out for a stroll with the kids and the family dog to make to most of the weekend and as always I have my camera handy looking for a shot or more likely a couple of dozen shots as it usually turns out.

Why capture this moment? What do you like about this photograph?

It was an especially bright and sunny autumn day, the leaves on the trees had started to change all the beautiful colours of amber, auburn and mustards, with lots of leaves falling all around, and as the late afternoon sunshine was filtering through the leaves of the woodland around us, I just had to capture the moment. I guess that special autumn moment showed through in my shot. That’s what photography is about really, capturing a special moment, like a time capsule.

What techniques did you use to capture this shot?

When taking this shot I crouched down low so I could capture the way the sunlight was creeping through the branches and leaving shadows on the path next to the little babbling brook. I often get quite low down to angle upwards to get a different angle, or even lay down to catch a shot if need be. If I’m not using my tripod I sometimes find something to rest against to steady the camera and keep the shot more focused. A tree, a bench or a post will do, often a stone wall is used as a tripod. On this occasion I used a rock to lean against while crouching.

What do you think about CoinaPhoto token system?

The CoinaPhoto token system is a bonus from a social network, something you wouldn’t normally associate with a social network platform. Since photography is a hobby of mine, it’s great to know that others appreciate my photography enough to give me tokens for my photo shots. It’s surprising how the tokens add up quite quickly and then can be transferred to my PayPal account. The token system makes photo sharing more fun and allows members to purchase and download the photographic shots that inspire them.

In photography terms, what’s next for you? Can we expect to see more great shots from you on CoinaPhoto - Any exciting trips planned?

Plans ahead for photography are to pick up a few more pieces of equipment, and go bolder with my shots, taking chances with different lighting, angles and locations. I adore landscapes but architecture is also very inspiring so I plan to take more opportunities in City scapes. I have a trip in mind later in the year visiting the Yorkshire Dales and Cumbria so I expect some of those shots will wind their way onto CoinaPhoto this year. My son however has just flown back to Malaysia to continue camera trapping with a research project he’s currently involved with in the rainforest. He’s been back in the UK to take a couple of months off to collect his Degree of Master of Research in Conservation Biology. Jonathan is also a CoinaPhoto member.

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Happy snapping!



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