• Photo by Coinaphoto user Sandi Bertoncelj
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Your Complete Portrait Photography Editing Checklist by PortraitPro

August 13, 2018 16:09

Portrait Photography or Portraiture means capturing a subject’s personality through effective lighting, backdrops and poses. Contrary to popular belief the subject doesn’t have to look like a model. But what makes an award-winning portrait? While a professional photographer takes his portraitures with the intention of avoiding any flaws that might need editing later, a few […]

5 Steps to Building your Perfect Online Portfolio by Format

August 13, 2018 16:06

You’ve taken the best shots and have a decent following. Now, get ready to flaunt it to the world! Here are 5 Insider Tips that will ensure your portfolio stands out and captures clients – brought to you by Format. But first, Who are Format? Format gives you the option to integrate your site with a […]