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CoinaPhoto user: David Taylor

Photo: Spring Shower

  spring shower.jpg


Judge’s Feedback: 

"Spring is definitely in the air in this photo it is raining heavily and you get the feeling it is only a shower the sun is trying to break through the photographer has captured this so well in this lovely setting.” – Norman

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Another Summer Day in CPH

Photographer: Javier Infante

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

  Another summer day in CPH.jpg

"Good action photo caught in a summer rain shower. There is plenty going on in this photo people and traffic waiting at a zebra crossing, umbrellas and rain wear. The photographer has caught the moment well here." – Norman

"I find it amazing how much the ‘rain’ element is felt here, despite the image being black and white. This photo tells a story." - Alissa

Photo: Rainy Day

Photographer: Kej Ty

Location: Levice, Slovakia

  Rainy day.jpg

"This photo of the child dressed in brightly coloured clothes who is ready to play in the wet, which is really nice. Having the background blur and the framing is really well done that the child stands out in the picture.” - Norman

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