Photo challenge:

Ireland Through My Lens

Photo Challenge: Ireland Through My Lens

June 12, 2017 10:15 4 comments

Theme: Ireland Through My Lens

The ways in which a country is creatively depicted from a foreign view has become more globally significant. The need to establish a country’s image as more diverse from a creative perspective of today’s youth has become more imminent. Are you an international student studying studying in Ireland? CoinaPhoto wants to see your perspective on Ireland. Enter our Ireland Through My Lens Photo Challenge to show us your depiction of the Emerald Isle.

About challenge


CoinaPhoto will also offer the photographers with top 3 photos, the exciting opportunity to win prizes worth up to €700.

Winner will get a €400 voucher from One4All

1st runner up will get a €200 voucher from One4all

2nd runner up will get a €100 voucher from One4all

All winning shots will be displayed on CoinaPhoto's Photo Challenge page. 


  • Contest begins June 12, 2017 and ends July 10, 2017
  • Winners announced July 17, 2017


Anna Maroutian, Assistant Director of Studies

Anita Locke, Marketing Manager, Cork English Academy

Jurate Tilmanaite, Member of Team CoinaPhoto


Prize Winner: 

Ginger Atmosphere, by Camila Carvalho from Seda College, Ireland


 "Camila’s photograph was instantly everyone’s favorite at Dublin and Dubai Coinaphoto offices. We love the setting of this very dreamy composition and thus naturally warmth and calmness shines through the photograph which are the tones of Ireland as a country and people whom have the pleasure of calling it home." - Jurate Tilmanaite


Little Girl in Sunglasses, by Paola Rech from Grafton College, Ireland


 "I chose this picture for the contrast and mood it communicates to the viewer. The black and white is beautiful and street photography is one of the more difficult types of photography to get right, in my opinion. In this picture timing is everything as Paola managed to release the shutter just as the little girl was adjusting her very stylish look. The adults in the picture provide an excellent backdrop and the framing is absolutely perfect." - Anna Maroutian


Building Lego, by Hyunjin Yoo from Cork English Academy, Ireland


"We chose this photo because it really shows how Cork City is bright and colourful even on a dull day! The flamboyant colors on the traditional buildings complement each other in a surprising way. The photo was taken from the school's balcony." - Anita Locke


About the Partnership:

CoinaPhoto is delighted to collaborate with nine Irish colleges to showchase budding international photographers in Ireland. These colleges include Atlas Language School, Cork English College, Cork English Academy, Grafton College, IBAT College Dublin, International House Dublin, Kenilworth English Institute, The English Studio and Seda College.

This collaboration will give international students in Ireland to internationally showcase the various ways in which they artistically perceive the Emerald Isle by encouraging them to enter a photo challenge titled ‘Ireland Through My Lens’. 

Comments • (4)
Angeles Ang
Angeles Ang
June 17, 2017 20:49
Prasu jeet
Prasu jeet
July 17, 2017 12:50
All the entries looks amazing..!
Lucas Alves
Lucas Alves
July 17, 2017 22:09
Where are the winners ?
CoinaPhoto Team
CoinaPhoto Marketing
July 18, 2017 06:25
Hi Lucas, the winners are announced today. Many thanks!

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