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CoinaPhoto user: Anna Avdeeva

Photo: Pottery#2

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
pottery #2.jpg


Judge’s Feedback: 

“I love this photo for many reasons: the colour of the mud, the texture, the way the photographer catches the light and the meaning of it.” - Carmen 

“I have never seen such expressive hands. In fact, I had to look down at my own hands to ensure that there was no clay on them. A good photo which provokes feeling and I felt!"- Alissa

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Morning Tea

Photographer: Nicolau Alexandra

Location: Romania
Morning tea.jpg

"I like this photo because everything seems to be warm, soft and easy. The red of the tea, the yellow of the star, the soft colors of the knit...the flowers, the lights. For me the meaning is "You would start the day better with only few beautiful things." - Carmen

Photo: The Graffiti Painter

Photographer: Candidphoto Clicks

The graffiti painter.jpg

“I like this photo, it follows the rule of thirds but your eye goes from the human figure through everything. Beautiful colours and great light. The artist seems so concentrated that you would think he doesn't notice the presence of the photographer.”- Carmen

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