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Father and Daughter on Kiteboard Having a Happy Time, by Yana Mavlyutova, Egypt


"An absolutely very good shot .Framing,composition and colour combination are excellent. This photo of a father with his daughter translates the perfect enjoyable afternoon" - Nihar Sarkar

"This is a fantastic action shot capturing the emotions of a father and what must be the most fearless young girl I’ve ever seen! The expressions on their faces sum up so much.  Pure joy on the daughters face and a subtle combination of focus and excitement on the father’s" - Jean-Paul Smalls


Father and Daughter, by Kedar Bhave, India


"A cute shot with a lot more going on than at first glance. The photos captures the contrasting body languages as the father purposefully slows his running steps to be alongside his daughter who’s running with arms flowing freely.  The sunset is captured beautifully, reflecting on the sand with the two main characters almost acting as the transition point running from the yellow half of the photo to the blue" - Jean-Paul Smalls


Fabulous Fathers, by Madathil Lineesh, Oman


"A simple image, that conveys a deeply personal and emotive moment" - Jean-Paul Smalls

"This photo has a lot of meaning.This photo is filled with love and affection" - Nihar Sarkar


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Featured image by Mang Gustang

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