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Photo: Sunday Blessing

Location: Moscow, Russia



  • Tronin Konstantin, guest judge and former winner of CoinaPhoto's Model Released Photo Challenge
  • Rumaisa Khan, member of team CoinaPhoto


Judge’s Feedback:

“This photographer portrays a welcoming combinating of tradition and togetherness which is the essence of Easter. The joyous expressions of the people in the shot as well as the ambience of the chapel adds to Easter festivity!" – Rumaisa  

"The photo perfectly translates the essence of Easter which is a religious celebration and a family gathering before anything. The use of the lighting highlights the golden christian ornaments in the room." - Lilia

Other photos we thought were awesome: 

Photo: Faith

Photographer: Anna Avdeeva

Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia


“Bright, grand and beautiful - this photo immediately grabs the viewer's attention almost daring one to explore this church in Saint Petersburg." – Rumaisa


Photo: Two little bunnies at sunrise

Photographer: Fleur Renouf

Location: Australia

Two little bunnies at sunrise.jpg

"The photographer takes a fabously modern and relatable view on Easter festivities! The two young brothers sharing a special moment together on the beach, wearing bunny ears portrays a wonderfully festive moment that brings loved ones closer during this festive time." - Rumaisa

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