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CoinaPhoto user: Nawfal Jirjees
Photo: City of Colour

stock-photo-city-of-colors-25143413-3 copy.jpg 

Judge’s Feedback:

“This is a clearly a winning shot as it shows the vibrancy of this colourful city view. The way that the photographer has captured every structure and detail of the city shows that it is a much loved city” – Min Thein, former CoinaPhoto contest winner.

“The photographer shows everything that there is to love about Dubai. Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world), night life, traffic, warmth and beautiful sunset. Bringing about the much loved elements about Dubai with utmost clarity give this photo an edge over others.” – Rumaisa, CoinaPhoto team member

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Prague by Erik Svec

“The structure of the city is boasted by the symmetry which has been kept in mind while the photo was shot. Despite the height, you can still see the shadow of a man who seems comfortable in a familiar city.” – Min Thein


The Gateway to the West by Sean Pierce

“It wouldn't have been easy catching this precise moment of thunder alongside the subtle framing technique. The colours quite compliment the scene as well." – Min Thein
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