“It started as a simple idea to build a community around local photography”
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“From Dublin to Dubai, from Lisbon to Kuala Lumpur, it has been an adventure, but the real fun is just getting started.”
— Shahab Mirza, CEO Coinaphoto
Our story
“Coinaphoto was founded in April 2014 in Dubai. It started as an idea to build a global community platform that would help reward and recognise local photographers. It wasn’t long before we needed an additional office in Dublin, Ireland. Now, much like our photography community, we are a diverse, talented team spanning 12 different nationalities, speaking 10 different languages.”
It's been an amazing journey
April 2014
Coinaphoto founded
Our Dubai office is opened and plans for a social network to connect a global community of photographers goes into development. Exciting times are ahead!
Coinaphoto founded
September 2014
Coinaphoto website launched
www.coinaphoto.com is launched, introducing a unique token system of payment that allows photographers to be recognised and rewarded for their work in multiple ways
Coinaphoto website launched
January 2015
iOS app launched
We go mobile, allowing photographers to stay connected, engage with each other, and post photos on the move.
iOS app launched
September 2016
Opening of Dublin office
The Dubai office was beginning to get crowded! As part of our global expansion plans, we opened our European HQ in Dublin to expand our development team.
Opening of Dublin office
January 2017
Android app launched
Our much anticipated Android app launches to the delight of hundreds of thousands of Coinaphoto users.
Android app launched
November 2017
Photoduels launched
A game changer in the global photography community. Coinaphoto launches its exclusive new photography game, Photoduels. Photographers can now earn money from their photos by pitching images against other users for votes.
Photoduels launched
The Future
We're excited about the future. Are you? :)
Coinaphoto in numbers
55 million
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Our values
Our 4 key values form the foundation of everything we are building.
We strive to continually recognise creative photography talent. We continually develop new ways to help photographers be rewarded for their passion.
Connecting local photographers on a global community platform.
We aim to educate and enhance the photography skills of our community.
To provide our community with the tools to communicate, share, reward and discover authentic and local photography.
Where work is fun!
Come work with us! We are always looking for great talent to join our global teams.
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