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CoinaPhoto user: Carmen Rodriguez

Photo: Homemade work

Location: Spain

Homemade work.jpg


Judge’s Feedback: 

“A simple but interesting stands out! Love the choice to focus the attention on an inviting hot coffee...the photographer makes great use of depth of field to blur the background in a nice bokeh and centering the attention on that good cup of coffee! I love especially the contrast between the black colours of the objects on the white paper!” – Alessia

“My eyes automatically fixate on the contrast between black and white in this photo. You have the black coffee cup and black pen against the white of the paper and the blurred out black writing. What really brings it all together is the mellow and warm tone of the coffee that looks frothy to perfection. This is working from home goals!” – Alissa  

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Work Space is Where the Coffee Is

Photographer: Olena Fitzgerald

Location: Arkansas, United States

  Work Space Is Where the Coffee Is.jpg

"A very bright capture... thanks to this lovely image even a hard day of work becomes enjoyable!” - Alessia 

Photo: Fall

Photographer: Carolina Rodrigues

Location: São Paulo, Brazil  


“What better way than a soft blanket, a hot coffee to start working in peace? A very warm atmosphere!” - Alessia 

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