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CoinaPhoto user: Souvik Dey

Photo: Mom

Location: Calcutta, India



Judge’s Feedback: 

"This is a beautiful and peaceful portrait of a mom. The lighting is perfect. In her eyes, there is a vision full of lifetime experiences and her hands narrate a tale of hard work.  She is beautiful even though she is not pretty.” – Sandi

“The diligent composure, the nonchalant expression and the melancholic mood of the photo show us a lady who is someone people must look up to. This photo tells so many different stories just from one scene.” - Rumaisa

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Woman's face with deep eyes 

Photographer: Yana Mavlyotova

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Woman face with deep eyes portrait, black and white photo session in the arabic .jpg

"Beautifully captured portrait of an attractive woman with nice composition and low depth of field which focuses on her magnificent eyes. These eyes are the windows to her soul." - Sandi 

"The photo captures your attenton for the immediate glance. The gaze of the woman is almost poetic. The photo portrays the woman as simple and determined, which is what makes her relatable." - Rumaisa

Photo: Hope is like a spark

Photographer: Prianko Biswas

Location: India

Hope is like a spark which gives a luminance in life.. ⚡.jpg

"This is a portrait of very relaxed, spiritual and contemplating woman with special lighting." - Sandi

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