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Best Friends Forever
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"The kids obviously are having fun.The colours of the picture are very homogeneous and soft - they don't distract the focus. The of depth is very well chosen. Your eyes are naturally drawn to the subject."
Griet Gillisjans
Winner of Fitness Bliss Contest
1st Runner Up
"The boys are celebrating a victory and you can feel their tight bond. The colors are beautiful and represent summer and joy. Also the higher point of view of the camera is constructive - you have a look in on the party"
Griet Gillisjans
Winner of Fitness Bliss Contest
2nd Runner Up
"Two happy kids who love being around each other. You can see their happiness shine through the photo. The photographer has used flowers as props to give the photo a much more laid back - lazy sunday feel. Slight error in focus but the subjects and good lighting brings it up in our top three photos."
Team Coinaphoto