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CoinaPhoto user: Laily Hassan

Photo: New year celebration

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

New year celebration at twin tower Kuala Lumpur.jpg


Judge’s Feedback: 

“When thinking of welcoming in a new year, I believe it should be filled with hope, wonder, togetherness and optimism. This beautifully captured image perfectly encapsulates all of these ideals." - Michelle 

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Look!

Photographer: Stanislav Sitnikov

Location: Moscow, Russia


"This childish curiousity and excitement shows exactly what welcoming a new year is about, irrespective of your age. This photo plays on a brilliant symbolic representation.” - Rumaisa 

"These two children looking out over the city makes me feel like the world is their oyster. Endless opportunities are waiting to be seized by them - just as a new year brings infinite possibilities for all." - Michelle

Photo: Together

Photographer: Aritra Ghosh

Location: India


“Not knowing what the future will bring can be a scary thought - however this image proves whatever comes your way can be faced with family and friends by your side. This image beautifully conveys the love, strength and togetherness the world needs when thinking of what a new year represents.” - Michelle

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