Photo challenge:

We Love Weekends

Photo Challenge: We Love Weekends

June 08, 2017 10:30 1 comment

Theme: We Love Weekends

Show us one person who doesn't love weekends and we will introduce you to a unicorn that can talk! We all have that one thing we have to indulge in over the weekend! What's the one thing that you just can't live without on your day off which makes the weekend even more special for you? At CoinaPhoto HQ we can name a few from having extensive family breakfasts to binge watching Netflix or enjoying icecold G&Ts on Saturday evenings. Enter our 'We Love Weekends' Photo Challenge to show us exactly why the weekend is your favourite time of the week!


This challenge lasts only 3 days, so don't miss the chance to upload your shot before Monday morning! 

The prize will be paid to the winner in 250 tokens on CoinaPhoto's website.

About challenge


Grand Prize Winner: 250 CoinaPhoto tokens

The prize will be paid to the winner in 250 tokens on CoinaPhoto's website.


  • Contest begins June 8, 2017 and ends June 12, 2017
  • Winners announced June 13, 2017


CoinaPhoto user: Mugurel Motea

Photo: Where Eagles Dare

Location: Târgu Jiu, Romania



  • Rumaisa Khan, member of Team CoinaPhoto
  • Lilia Bara, member of Team CoinaPhoto

Judge’s Feedback:

"Absolutely mind-boggling! Just looking at this photo gives me goosebumps. By taking on such a daring adventure - we can see why any fun-loving person would love weekends! Brilliant colour scheme and a great scene bring this photo to life!" - Rumaisa


Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Burano

Photographer: Tiago Marquez

Location: Burano, Italy


"The things I would give to be strolling around colourful streets in Italy right now! Going for a wander here on lazy Sunday afternoons definitely seems like a fun weekend activity." - Rumaisa


Photo: All in a row

Photographer: Alessia Piscopo

Location: Naples, Italy


"What a great and fun shot! This photo translates perfectly the spirit of holidays: a relaxing and fun time shared with friends." - Lilia

We have new challenges every week. Visit our Photo Challenges page to check them out!


Comment • (1)
Alessia Piscopo
Alessia Piscopo
June 13, 2017 21:40
Thank you very much!

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