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CoinaPhoto user: Robin Yong 

Photo: Old Streets of Havana

Location: Havana, Cuba

           Photo 18-12-15, 9 20 53 PM.jpg             


Judge’s Feedback:

"The great factor which makes this photo a winner is the composition, as it shows two outstanding qualities. Firstly, the photo was taken from an angle which shows the masses of the buildings with different extensions and various shapes and colours. Secondly, composition shows strong depth using the idea of one point perspective. The second nice quality is the timing of the photo. Choosing golden hour when the sun is hitting the buildings from a low angle grabs one's attention toward the buildings. Last but not least, the subjects in the photo present a great vintage setting." - Ahmed


Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Vintage Joyride

Photographer: Apratim Pal

Location: Calcutta, India

054A9022 CO.jpg
"Great timing with perfect use of shutter speed. Secondly, using a person looking toward the old train fumes makes the photo very vintage. Not to mention, the black and white mode adds to whole vintage theme." - Ahmed


Photo: Kati

Photographer: S Tončić

Location: Belgrade, Serbia


"This is such a great and neat shot. The Audrey Hepburn vibe is definitely well executed in the very retro hairstyle and accessories. Who wouldn't want to take a stroll down to Tiffany's!" - Lilia

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