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CoinaPhoto user: Cesar Vieira

Photo: Happy with Summer

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Happy with Summer.jpg


Judge’s Feedback: 

“The scene in this photo is very suggestive of the contest's theme. Who doesn't  love a cold cocktail drink served on the beach during a hot summer's day ?” Jose

“When I saw the specks of passionfruit in the cocktail, I knew this photo was taken in Brazil. If you’ve been there, you would know that there’s always time for a cocktail… especially when there is sun, salt water and sand involved.” - Alissa


Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Homemade dinner

Photographer: Krutov Igor

Location: Moscow, Russia 

Homemade dinner.jpg


"Here's another great example of a suggestive scene for the contest's theme: a family or old friend's reunion at dinner by the warmth of a fireplace” - Jose


Photo: Coctail Fire

Photographer: Mustafa Karaaslan

Coctail Fire.jpg


“An expert barman preparing a gourmet cocktail à-la-carte. This is an undeniably great occasion to taste a delicious prepared drink.” – Simon

“My favorite thing about this photo is that although there are many small details in it, the focus remains on the Cocktail. That flame looks absolutely magical!”  – Alissa


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