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CoinaPhoto user: Gustavo Genovard

Photo: Faro de Formentor

Location: Palma, Spain

Faro de Formentor.jpg


  • Rumaisa, member of Team CoinaPhoto

Judge’s Feedback: 

“The twists and twirls in the cliff make this photo extremely interesting. The pale blue horizon and the waters make a great background canvas for the lighthouse.” – Rumaisa

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Sunset Wheel

Photographer: Simon Flynn

Location: Malaga, Spain

Sunset Wheel.jpg

"There's is something magical about this scenery, much like most sights in the south of Spain. The photo gives the notion of carpe-diem where the viewer must cease the moment because it's so exceptionally beautiful." - Rumaisa

Photo: Al hambra

Photographer: Alfonso Bejar

Location: Granada, Spain


"This photo gives induces serious travel envy. The colours in this photo are absolutely captivating. The historic architecture in Al Hambra glistens among the greenery!” - Rumaisa

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