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CoinaPhoto user: Alessia Piscopo

Photo: Feeling Spring

Location: Nesso, Italy

  Feeling Spring (1).jpg


Judge’s Feedback: 

“Photo with lighting techniques that support it and so natural. The interaction between a human and a horse presented so inconspicuously. As if communicating but without the words. That's what makes this photo look so special.” – Kriswanto

“To say that this photo is touching, is an understatement. There is pride and affection in the man’s eyes and a look of utmost comfort in the horse’s. Definitely a special moment!” – Alissa

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Love and Flowers

Photographer: Vlad Ionescu

Location: Bradulet, Romania

  Love and Flowers.jpg

"A highly precise colour composition. For me, the dominant yellow colour is very well suited to represent a joy that is conveyed in this photo. So beautiful and special.” – Kriswanto

Photo: Through

Photographer: Anna Avdeeva

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia  


"Full of emotion and packed with an interesting composition. The emotion contained in this photo is increasingly managed with the representation of black and white. Perfect.”– Kriswanto

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