Photo challenge:

Still Life

Photo Challenge: Still Life

May 08, 2017 10:59 2 comments

Theme: Still Life

There's a sense of a serenity about inanimate objects. Depict them as you may wish to. With still life photography, the whole world becomes an artist's palette. CoinaPhoto introduces 'Still Life' Photo Challenge so get your creative juices flowing to compose that perfect still life shot. 

About challenge


Grand Prize Winner: $100 Amazon voucher for photography equipment and be featured in our upcoming social media campaign. The winner will also be rewarded with Ultimate Lightroom Presets Workflow System worth $97 for free download.

1st Runner Up: Ultimate Lightroom Pastel Workflow System for free download

2nd Runner Up: Lightroom HDR Workflow System for free download


  • Contest begins May 8, 2017 and ends June 1, 2017
  • Winners announced June 6, 2017


CoinaPhoto user: Stefan Klien

Photo: Still life bottle

Location: Cape Town, South Africa



Judge’s Feedback:

"The shape of the bottle, reflected backdrop in focus and blurred background with sweet sunset colours are the key points to this successful still life photo." - Yana

"This photo is absolutely divine. The photographer combines the element of still life photography with landscape photography. The reflection of the majestic landscape, during sunset, in the bottle symbolises the importance of minute objects used to paint a story that stands out. Incredible colour contrast and apt use of aperture!" - Rumaisa


Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Tick tok

Photographer: Abdullah Al Amin Mubin

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh


"Pastel colours and this vintage ambience of past times make this photo attractive to a viewer's eyes." - Yana

"There's something about this photo that silently demands the user to view the bigger picture. While one can only see a mere clock in a dusty old window frame, there's more to this photo that we don't know about. It's reminiscent of something lost over time." - Rumaisa


Photo: Supporter

Photographer: Mehdi Sanaeo

Location: Nowshahr, Iran

_MG_1202 as Smart Object-1 copy.jpg

"Bright and colourful contrast between the umbrellas and deep blue background in combination with symmetric composition of the objects are a winning points of this shot."- Yana

"The unusual and vibrant take on still life photography gives this photo an edge over others." - Rumaisa

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Comments • (2)
Stefan Klein
Stefan Klein
July 1, 2017 06:27
Sorry for responding so late , wow what can I say , thank you so much team Coin a Photo you do inspire us to go out there to take good photos and pose them to you . Stefan Klein Photography .
CoinaPhoto Team
CoinaPhoto Marketing
July 5, 2017 08:08
You're welcome, Stefan! Keep shooting some amazing work!

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