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CoinaPhoto user: Jevgenij Scolokov

Photo: Fight with Weather

Location: Latvia

  Fight with weather.png


Judge’s Feedback: 

“Nicely done. You can feel the struggle of the figure with weather. Impression is even greater thanks to those big train wagons compared to the small figure. It was also good choice to make it black and white, we can focus on the raw scene.” – Konrad


Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Around Me White

Photographer: Paola Giorgetti

Location: Dublin, Ireland

  around me white.jpg

"Good minimal landscape, through the snow we can barely see trees on second plan. First we have to break through the snowflakes (snow) and wind that surrounds us. We see the winter as it is in nature.” – Konrad

Photo: Arctic Snow Expedition

Photographer: Yana Mavlyutova

Location: Teriberka, Russia

  Arctic snow expedition.jpg

"A line of colourful figures crossing the white landscape, makes the photo eye catching. People seems to be small compared to ubiquitous white and blue, they look like plasticine figures.” – Konrad

"In snow, there is both beauty and struggle… Yana manages to capture both, in a tantalizingly symmetrical fashion.” - Alissa

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