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CoinaPhoto user: Haryadi Bakri

Photo: Tengger Horse

Location: Indonesia

Tengger horse rider.jpg


Judge’s Feedback: 

“This photo stands out because my gaze is taken to the rider by the lines of the land in a wild and interesting landscape.” - David

"It's hard not to like this photo. Technically, it fulfills the exact requirements to fall into the rule of thirds category. The angle of the photo makes the shot open to perspective and even more interesting!" - Rumaisa

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Ucing

Photographer: Dedi Erfiadi

Location: Indonesia


"I like this image because the clouds, the angle of the boat and the gaze of the photographer all lead the eye into the same point. The sharpness of the photographer makes the photo complete.” - Dedi

Photo: Winter snowy barn reflections

Photographer: Pali Elod

Location: Romania

Winter snowy barn reflections.jpg

"A beautiful well balanced photo with interest in the foreground and background. The reflection of the sunlight makes the image stand out.” - David

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