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CoinaPhoto user: Anna Avdeeva

Photo: Jump

Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia





  • Joao Martinho Silva, guest judge and former winner of CoinaPhoto's Happiness Photo Challenge
  • Rumaisa Khan, member of team CoinaPhoto


Judge’s Feedback:

"This is a very dynamic shot with the couple. It shows great fun and a sense of being well engaged. The photo highlights the challenge's theme with great creativity. The detail of the tandem bike with baloons adds harmony and creativity to the composition. Indeed everything in this image shows that Love is in the Air." - Joao


Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Because Love is Eternal

Photographer: Brâulio Bacc

Location: Angola


21 de janeiro de 2017 - IMG_9435 por Brâulio Bacc(1).jpg


"This image displays the theme of the challenge with elegance and minimalism. The photographer shows that less is more. The couple is bonded in a cute and creative way. The similarity in their tattoos is a nice detail that shows how well connected they both are." - Joao


Photo: Kissing for the cameras

Photographer: Lisa Shalom




"The couple demonstrates that despite being surrounded by many distracting elements they are focused only on each other in this moment. We can see this in fine details like the way her hand holds his tie and his tender embrace. I appreciate how this composition jumps out of the traditional wedding cliché and still shows a great moment of celebration which focuses on the couple but has also other participants." - Joao

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