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CoinaPhoto user: Marcela Lima

Photo: Amor Leve

Location: Pajara, Spain
amor leve.jpg


Judge’s Feedback: 

“The moment of happiness in the frame is awesome. Showing the joy of lovers on their wedding day, probably taken from pre-wedding sessions. The marriage itself is the sincerity of love.” - Haryadi

“Love has many facets. The one portrayed in this photo, really stood out to me because of the way that Marcela managed to capture it. Here, we see joyous love, happy love, fun love, in all its candid glory.” – Alissa

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Love Hug

Photographer: Viorel Hristea

Love hug (1).jpg

"What I love about this photo is that it is so expressive, despite not fully depicting the subjects' faces. Visually it is a photo, but in actuality, it is also an imprint of emotion" - Alissa

Photo: Beautiful Couple

Photographer: Rafet Gashi
Beautyful couple .jpg

"A couple in love, even the woman showing only the half face can represent their love with good interaction, very sharp and clear picture.” - Haryadi

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