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Coinaphoto user: Arthur Fil

Photo: Green

Location: Dublin, Ireland



  • Rumaisa, member of Team CoinaPhoto

Judge’s Feedback: 

“The lumniscent lighting in the photo gives it a deeply profound feel. It's almost as if there's more to the scene. The photographer adds a mysterios touch to the scene by laying the emphasis on the reflective focal point in the middle." – Rumaisa

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Cobh View

Photographer: Adrian Dragomir

Location: Cobh, Ireland

Cobh view.jpg

"An inviting, beautiful and vibrant scene that urges you to explore Cobh further. The photo echoes joy and a zest for life." – Rumaisa

Photo: Dublin Samuel Beckett Bridge

Photographer: Pavel Noga

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Dublin _ Samuel Beckett Bridge.jpg
"An insightful view into the architectural layout of Dublin. The reflections of the scene on the river paints a mesmerising picture! The hues or pink add to the spirit of the photo.” – Rumaisa

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