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CoinaPhoto user: Froi Rivera
Photo: Holiday

Judge’s Feedback:

“This picture accurately explains how humans are frail compared to nature! The photographer shows us a beautiful front – powerful tree, the beautiful light in the meadow and the happy young pair of lovers who organized a low-key holiday to make the moment seem even sweeter! Soft background blur creates the mood! Keep it up! Well done to the photographer!” – Aleksandr Sumarokov, former CoinaPhoto contest winner.

“This photo has been composed with articulate indecision. Technical as well as emotional factors come into play to make this photo the winning shot!” – Rumaisa, CoinaPhoto team member


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Jump by Peter Lagarde
“The skills required to take this shot definitely deserve attention because it captures the “decisive moment”. In this photo the key factor is flying girl! Her freedom and her festive mood shows the holiday mood within her soul!” – Aleksandr


Above the Cloud by Sahl Ali


“This is a very good example of how people can temporarily forget about work, go outdoors and take a break! It is a good shot in the genre of “silhouette”. The colours are beautiful. The human factor, the unity with nature and a good perspective did the trick! Good job, fellow photographer!” – Aleksandr


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