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CoinaPhoto user: Abdallah Awdallah

Photo: Three camels moving towards a big pyramid

Location: Cairo, Egypt

three camels moving towards the big pyramid.jpg


  • Alissa, member of Team CoinaPhoto
  • Rumaisa, member of Team CoinaPhoto

Judge’s Feedback: 

“This would have certainly been a weekend to remember! My eyes wanted to do nothing but follow the three riders wherever they go. Although the riders are clearly the subject of this photo, the pyramid also looks absolutely breathtaking. Well taken!” - Alissa 

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Enjoying on the beach

Photographer: Rafael Granados

Location: France

Enjoying in the beach.jpg

"A brilliant way to greet the weekend - indulging in some fun atheletics at sunset! The view is incredible and the colours seem to complement each other wonderfully.” - Rumaisa 

Photo: Ups and downs

Photographer: Jose Fernandez

Location: Spain

ups & downs.jpg

“How exhilarating! The expressions on the children's faces are priceless. This amazing amount of joy is exactly what weekends should be all about.” - Rumaisa

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