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CoinaPhoto user: Sandi Bertoncelj

Photo: I'm Getting Ready For The Trip

Location: Carinthia, Austria

  I'm getting ready for the trip.jpg


Judge’s Feedback: 

“In the context of this challenge, I can imagine that the man was getting away from it all and he ran and froze on the edge of the universe in front of the new world. The sky sets dynamics to take the viewer's attention to the undiscovered under the clouds. Diagonal divides the past and the future. In front of the man lies something breathtaking. Everything is beautiful in this shot and it is impossible not to note the skill of performance in difficult conditions. But it seems to tell about the desire for something new, instead of the escape.”– Anna

“There are moments in life, when you find yourself away from everyone and quite literally, getting away from it all. Sandi manages to capture this exact moment to perfection. The crisp milky whites from the snow combined with the beige undertones of the clouds, makes this photo stand out beautifully.”- Alissa

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Cabin

Photographer: Adriana Beca

Location: Romania


"Getting away from it all is better when you have a secret place where you can hide from busy and noisy and fussy crowd of the big cities. Solitude, cosiness, unity with nature are the cure for soul and nerves. In this picture, I'm attracted by the embodiment of my dreams. The texture of the snowy forest and the chosen palette of colours soothe the tired look of an inhabitant of the metropolis.”- Anna 

Photo: A Little Time With The Sand

Photographer:  Chema Grenda

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  A little time with the sand.jpg

"The girl runs and we see that she's running to nowhere. In front of her, there is nothing but emptiness. So she is running from something, she's escaping, that completely fits the theme of the challenge. If there's nothing to run to, you run to freedom. I like this story and that the frame makes you think and that it is quite inconspicuous at first glance, there are no bright colours, it is modest in performance, like a non-commercial movie. But the author saw in this photo something and on closer inspection, the viewer can do.”- Anna

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