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CoinaPhoto user: Antonio Pedrero

Photo: Dinan, Francia

Location: Dinan, France
Dinan, Francia.jpg


  • Rumaisa, member of Team CoinaPhoto

Judge’s Feedback: 

“A typical view of an old French village with small houses and a river! The photo gives you a warm and welcoming feeling to explore this cosy part of French countryside.” – Rumaisa

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: French countryside

Photographer: Alessia Piscopo

Location: Château-Chaton, France

French countryside.jpg

"An excellent aerial shot showing the beauty of French countryside. The photographer entices you to journey through the vineyards in France.” – Rumaisa

Photo: Le Mont and the flowers

Photographer: Paul Thiel

Location: Normandy

Le Mont and the flowers.jpg

"Although this scene is not from countryside, the setting of this image featuring Le Mont St Michel gives a rural feel due to the mix of aperture and sharpness, which puts the focus of the photo on the colourful flowers.” - Rumaisa

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