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CoinaPhoto user: Stefan Dimitrov

Photo: Strong guy

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Strong guy at the fitness.jpg


Judge’s Feedback: 

“Clean background with the picture focusing on the muscular aspect of the guy's body while doing his workout is what makes it a great shot.” - Laily 

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: To climb

Photographer: Anna Avdeeva

Location: St Petersburg, Russia

to climb.jpg

"I like this photo as it was taken from unique angle, focusing to the climber only. With the climber's expression showing his endurance and fitness.” - Laily

"This photo is so realistic that one can almost feel the physical struggle of the climber. The photo motivates you to go out there and do something challenging yourself." - Rumaisa

Photo: One minute break

Photographer: Chloe Henry

Location: Brussels, Belgium

One minute break.jpg

“I like the pattern of the wall and the way of the two metal bars lead our eyes to focus directly to the fit woman who appears slightly tired after doing her workout.” - Laily

"This woman's form and posture show us tremendous fitness goals. A realistic set up focused on training and getting fit." - Rumaisa

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