Photo challenge:

Female Portraits

Photo Challenge: Female Portraits

May 29, 2017 10:21 1 comment

Theme: Female Portraits

While being a lady comes with its own perks, it's no easy feat being a woman! Every woman has a unique sense of style, compassion and character. CoinaPhoto wants you to highlight the depth behind every female expression. Explore the sincerity and exuberance of the female portrait to enter our latest photo challenge.

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Grand Prize Winner: $100 Amazon voucher for photography equipment and be featured in our upcoming social media campaign. The winner will also be rewarded with Ultimate Lightroom Presets Workflow System worth $97 for free download.

1st Runner Up: Ultimate Lightroom Pastel Workflow System for free download

2nd Runner Up: Lightroom HDR Workflow System for free download


  • Contest begins May 29, 2017 and ends June 15, 2017
  • Winners announced June 20, 2017


CoinaPhoto user: Jogani Manish

Photo: Silent

Location: Mumbai, India



  • Rumaisa Khan, member of Team CoinaPhoto
  • Kej Ty, former winner of multiple CoinaPhoto Photo Challenges

Judge’s Feedback:

"This photo is my favorite. The photographer has captured the beauty and innocence of a female portrait. I feel a pleasant emotion evoked from the photo!" - Kej

"The entire team at CoinaPhoto loves how timeless and classy this photo is. Beauty is in simplicity. The photographer keeps the main focus of the image on the ornaments as well as the emotional element of the photo. The image resonates with the audience for its silent and effortless ferocity." - Rumaisa


Other entries that won us over:

Photo: South Asian Culture in America

Photographer: Sara N

Location: Hicksville, United States


"It is said that the eyes are a window into the soul. Looking at this beautiful woman, I look into her big dark eyes which express her silent thoughts. The photographer has accurately captured the feminine charm." - Kej

"This photo is simply stunning. The ethnic red clothing brings out the shades of muave and gold in the background. The young woman displays her emotions through her gaze and style. This female portrait says a lot without formally saying much at all." - Rumaisa


Photo: Night Bokeh

Photographer: Dony Donet

Location: Ngagel Indonesia

Night Bokeh.jpg

"A beautiful woman decorated with jewels and dressed in a charming dress! Every element here perfectly works together. This photo almost makes me walk down this lively street."- Kej

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Boutkhil Zine El Abidine
Boutkhil Zine El Abidine
July 27, 2017 13:51

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