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CoinaPhoto user: Simon Satria

Photo: Dani's next generation

Location: Indonesia

Dani's Next Generation.jpg


Judge’s Feedback: 

"This photo captures a lot of emotions which is complimented by the black and white dramatic look. There are so many faces. Each of them tells a different story. Really great capture which portrays emotion and feeling. Outstanding photo." - Jonathan

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Alsa

Photographer: Agus Atmadja

Location: Indonesia


"The clarity and beauty of the subject here, I thought, was outstanding. Combined with the jewellery, it has a real Egyptian feel and those eyes are amazing. The tones and composition are spot on and produce a very powerful shot. Great photo."  - Jonathan

Photo: Anna

Photographer: Dalibor Tomic

Location: Serbia


"The photo appeals to its audience in a simple and original manner. The girl's look is spontaneous and natural, just as every great portrait should display."  - Rumaisa

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