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CoinaPhoto user: Nanda Photograph

Photo: Blue Insularis

Location: Indonesia

blue inslularis.jpg


Judge’s Feedback: 

“Stunning and perfect photo for me! I really love the composition, the snake' s swirls and the colour... simply wonderful and never seen before, wow!” – Alessia

“A playful snake in the right lighting with clear shades of green, posing for us from a branch. Photos of snakes that are calm are seldom captivating. This is a rare find.” – Madiha

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Sunset Owl

Photographer: Joe Love

Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Sunset Owl.jpg


“Simply a beautiful close-up with detail! I really like the dark tones in this image. The choice of that bokeh as background is so cool and it really matches with the golden colour of the owl' s eyes!” – Alessia

Photo: Elephant, African - Powerful and Wild Nature

Photographer: Andries Alberts

Location: United States

Elephant, African - Powerful and Wild Nature.jpg

"What captured my attention was the elephant's movements. The movements appear delicate despite their majesty… It seems they are dancing and want to be admired by the photographer. A great click. Well done!” - Alessia

“Magnificent elephants trotting down a road, playing with one another. Both their tails are up in the air, as though one elephant has mirrored the other for a photograph.” – Madiha


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