Photo challenge:

Discover Eastern Europe

Photo Challenge: Discover Eastern Europe

June 14, 2017 08:58 1 comment

Theme: Discover Eastern Europe

Polish Renaissance-inspired architecture, charming Czech opera performances, Slavic street style and delicious Bulgarian cuisines are few of the many renowned reasons why Eastern Europe is taking the world by a storm. From Baltic to Mediterranean Sea, this enticingly beautiful region boasts plenty of features to be proud of. Enter our ‘Discover Eastern Europe’ Photo Challenge to show us your favourite parts of this incredible region!

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Grand Prize Winner: $100 Amazon voucher for photography equipment and be featured in our upcoming social media campaign. The winner will also be rewarded with Ultimate Lightroom Presets Workflow System worth $97 for free download.

1st Runner Up: Ultimate Lightroom Pastel Workflow System for free download

2nd Runner Up: Lightroom HDR Workflow System for free download


  • Contest begins June 14, 2017 and ends July 10, 2017
  • Winners announced July 13, 2017


With almost 1000 entries that showcase the length and breadth of Eastern Europe, the entries to this photo challenge provide a great opportunity to shortlist locations for your photography travel list!



Jean-Paul Smalls, member of team CoinaPhoto

Lilia Bara, member of team CoinaPhoto


Prize Winner 

Bohinj Lake, Slovenia, by Aleš Krivec 

“This is a striking photo that instantly stood out to me. It’s not just the varied spectrum of colours and detail that the photographer has managed to capture, but the clever way in which the pier, walkway and boats are used to lead the eye in a zig zag across the whole image to the church and orange/red clouds in the background”. – Jean-Paul

Bohinj-1-4-11-VIGNETTE copy.jpg  

Ales was also kind enough to share his story behind the photo. “I was on my way to the Julian Alps to hike the Valley of the seven lakes. Once I arrived to Bohinj I noticed how the sky was getting purple and I decided to make a short stop to take some images. The three boats and the pier make a nice line leading towards the church and with great colours in the sky, the image turned our pretty good”. 

The image was more than pretty good Ales, it was a Winner!



Lake Bled, Slovenia, Aleš Krivec 

Bled-1-50-1-OR copy.jpg  

It’s not often a photographer has more than one photo make it into a final. 

“This picture is so majestic that it almost evokes fairy tales. The pastel tons of the image echo the cold season it was taken on. This piece of land clustered between the snowy mountains and the cold lake looks like a lonely planet of its own kind!”. – Lilia



Main square in the morning mist, Croatia, by Rinaldo Berovic


“An unique photo where the photographer where the choice of monochrome and the morning mist has created a kind of ghostly look. It feels like I’m looking at a snapshot of a bygone era, like looking into the past”. – Jean-Paul



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Remember, you don’t just take a photograph, you tell a story!

Featured image by Michal Slekzec

CoinaPhoto is in no way sponsoring, endorsing or associated with Lightroom Preset Shoppe and any of its products. By participating in our challenge, you hereby release and hold harmless CoinaPhoto from any and all liability associated with Lightroom Preset Shoppe.



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Rinaldo Berovic
Rinaldo Berovic
July 14, 2017 07:25
Very happy to be on thitd place, thnx! Congrats to Aleš!

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