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CoinaPhoto user: Viktoria Szabo

Photo: Young and elegant man outdoors

Location: Serbia

Young and elegant man outdoors-2.jpg


Judge’s Feedback: 

“This guy is elegant for sure! It reminds me of busy cities where people are passing each othe r- travellers with confusion and admiration, business people in suits and in a rush, mothers walking with their children. I truly like this capture technically as well- lovely bokeh and colours complement each other. In my opinion this picture gives the emotion of the cosmopolitan photo challenge really well.” - Meryl

“There is a sense of modernity about the young man and the background which is reminiscent of a cosmopolitan lifestyle.” – Rumaisa

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Regent Street at night

Photographer: David Holderbach

Location: United Kingdom

Regent street at night, London, United kingdom..jpg

"I have always loved cities at night when everything is colorful and more vibrant, citylights shine and people are more at ease. It even seems like a portion of magic is added to scenery. This shot is a graceful example of big city long-exposure, lovely trails and composition with warm feeling in general." - Meryl

"It's no easy feat taking a photo of the bustling Regent Street and do it such tremendous justice. Located in the heart of London, Regent street is a perfect example of a cosmopolitan sight. The time lapse effect along with the bright lights create a medley of vibrant colours which impress its viewers." - Rumaisa

Photo: Celebrating Holi

Photographer: Surajit Das

Location: India

celebrating Holi.Festival of colours..jpeg

"Cosmopolitan photo with a lovely twist of colours. I love that this picture represents a festival and has different nationalities. The overall impression is eternal joy, cheerful and positiive emotions and the more I look at it the more I find small segments of merging differences.” - Meryl

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