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CoinaPhoto user: Marco Faria

Photo: Pateira

Location: Portugal




Judge’s Feedback:

"A scene that almost seems to has come out of a dream. Rich with bright colorus but at the same time very warm and relaxing for the viewer's sight. There are many details that characterize it. From the green leaves of the plants to the pink petals of flowers present in this expanse, that guide the look of the viewer to the background, where we find a soft orange of the sky at sunset. A mix of colors that represent the nature in all its beauty." - Saverio

"The photographer captures every element of nature that is working here in harmony to create this bright and colourful scene." - Rumaisa

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Lago di Carezza

Photographer: Vasil Bozhkhov

Location: Italy



"This phto is fantastic because of its many landscaping details. The lake's blue water reflects the landscape perfectly, with the pine belt that dominates the scene with its green colour, which is the main colour of nature. On the background is presented the blue and clear sky, another important colour of our planet. The mountain range, covered by that beautiful clouds, leaving that glimpse at the center of the picture, guiding the spectator's look right there." - Saverio


Photographer: Hafiz Mushaddiq

Location: Indonesia



"A shot of the sky that looks like a paint. The eyes go straight to the orange clouds of sunset, that contrast with the blue of the sky. Looking down on the ground we find vegetation, with a soft and light green." - Saverio

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