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CoinaPhoto user: Saverio Blasi

Photo: Turin panoramic with alpine range on background at sunset

Location: Turin, Italy



  • Swaroop Singha Roy, winner of Overexposed Photo Challenge
  • Lilia, member of Team CoinaPhoto


Judge’s Feedback:

"The transition of the buildings, from modern high rises to ancient architecture in the foreground makes this photograph very special. The alpines of course adds to the uniqueness of the scene. It's a very well composed shot, the hues of the sky and the continuous pattern of the white buildings in front looks very appealing." - Swaroop

"The colours in this shot are particularly striking but just as much as the details. The numerous windows, balconies and arcs of the buildings divide the city into squares making the spire of Mole Antonelliana stand out. The mountains in the background add a majestic dimension to the photo." - Lilia

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: My favorite building

Photographer:  Travis Wessel

Location: Kansas City, USA



"Amazing minimal approach in this photo! The classic structure standing alone in the frame looks very unique and soothing to the eye. I love the way how it proves the fact that the building has been standing tall since ages through all odds and still maintaining her beauty. The photo looks complete with all the fine details of the building, the golden reflection on the windows and the subtle hue of the sky." - Swaroop

"The building was initially built for the Coca Cola Company in the early 1900s with a pragmatic and functional type of architecture. It is almost a historical landmark which is what Travis has managed to reflect with the use of the retro colours." - Lilia

Photographer: Binoy Uthup

Location: Singapore


"I like the way the photographer has effectively used the blue-hour light in this shot. It's a nicely balanced and exposed photo, the motion of the clouds, the smooth water and the reflection adds to the drama of the scene. The perspective has made the bridge a beautiful leading line. This photo perfectly portrays the beauty and grandeur of modern architecture." - Swaroop

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