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CoinaPhoto user: Yana Mavlyutova

Photo: Beautiful blonde woman

Location: Russia



  • Rumaisa Khan, member of Team CoinaPhoto
  • Mang Gustang, winner of male Portraits Photo Challange

Judge’s Feedback:

"An ideal black and white captures the moment in such a way that the particular moment becomes free of the boundaries of time, space and place. The shot captures the intensity of such emotion that it successfully manages to do all of these. The only factor that matters in this moment is a girl lost in thoughts by herself!" - Rumaisa 


Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Cat and man

Photographer: Sedat Soysal

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

"This is a great example of unsual street photography! Proper exposure, depth of field and clarity." - Mang


Photo: Supporting hands

Photographer: Multipedia Sergii

Location: Odesa, Ukraine

Parents Holding Baby Girl on their Arms.jpg

"This photo has a lot of meaning. It reminds us how precious we are to our parents, that they are always there ready to support us whatever the journey we might take in future. I do love that the treatment of contrast, toning and the eye contact of the baby gives an additional impact to this photo. All in all, it was great, good job and thank you for sharing this inspiring photo of yours!"- Mang

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