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Lilia Bara, member of team CoinaPhoto

Jean-Paul Smalls, member of team CoinaPhoto 

Capturing a cityscape shot that reflects the personality, culture and excitement of your favourite metropolis or town is no easy feat. Our latest location challenge “Arabian Capitals’ was definitely one of most challenging briefs, but we were delighted with the reaction from our photographers in the region, and the shots they managed to capture. 


Prize Winner

Sultan Qaboos Grand mosque, Muscat, by Santhosh Mohan

Oman Mosque.jpg

“The colors are particularly striking in this shot and reflect the natural beauty of Oman. With a sunny weather throughout the year and a stunning landscape made of mountains and water, the photo depicts quite well the true colors of the Sultanate”. – Lilia



Good Morning Abu Dhabi, UAE, by Mohammed Hasan

Abu Dhabi Morning.jpg

“What a powerful yet peaceful shot of the Abu Dhabi skyline. The purple and blue colors of the sky and the sea make the tall skyscrapers of this buzzing capital stand out and it looks like there is not a single soul out on this early morning” – Lilia

It’s always great when photographers share the story behind the photo. In this case Mohaammed has described how he achieved the visuals via an “unedited early morning long exposure shot using an ND filter to provide the silky sky and water”.


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