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CoinaPhoto user: Endri Yana

Photo: Serious

Location: East Java, Indonesia

IMG20170414103709 copy.jpg                                    


  • Rumaisa, member of Team CoinaPhoto
  • Lilia, member of Team CoinaPhoto


Judge’s Feedback:

"Beautiful and minimalist photo shot on an Android phone. A simple colour scheme and a busy young boy playing on a smart phone highlight the curioisity which comes through in childhood." - Rumaisa

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Calm

Photographer: Fredrick Nacion

Location: Mykonos, Greece



"At a first glance, it's almost impossible to be able to tell that this photo was taken on a phone. The vastness of the horizon against the ocean and the manmade pool paints a beautiful contrast of natural vs manmade. The nostalgic man adds to the artistic spirit of the photo." - Rumaisa


Photographer: Lenka Strašíková

Location: Italy



"The colours on this shot are particularly striking because they complement each other. The bird is looks majestic because of its posture in the photo." - Lilia

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