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CoinaPhoto user: Michal Furas

Photo: Liquid colours 

Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom





  • Tudor Alexandru Panait, former CoinaPhoto Photo Challenge winner and guest judge
  • Rumaisa Khan, member of team CoinaPhoto


Judge’s Feedback:

"Its amazing that this image has captured simple droplets of color from a macro perspective creating an abstract effect that makes the droplets look like sea animals." - Tudor

"The photographer articulates his abstract ideas in an impressive fashion, using liquid colours to create this actual composition." - Rumaisa


Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Walking Away

Photographer: Marla Venable

Location:Harrisburg, United States 




"The photographer stuns the viewers as she displays a blend of her internal abstract idea formation with her external world. The man walks into the scene oblivious to how beautifully the stuctures of the bridge create a natural pattern of their own." - Rumaisa


Photo: Staple Cityscape

Photographer: David Taylor


"The way the photographer has imagined a cityscape with some everyday objects and made it look like a real city really amazed me. This photographer truly captures the spirit of abstract photography, by making you not knowing what you see." - Tudor


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