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CoinaPhoto user: Meryl Kärner

Photo: So soon I will be a big sister

Location: Estonia

So soon I will be a big sister _).jpg


Judge’s Feedback: 

“This photo is great because the family is welcoming another life into their family with open arms and acceptance." - Med

"This photo shows us great symbolic emotional connection of a family starting a new chapter in their lives. The shades of white and lilac balance each other to represent the scene as a visual winter wonderland." - Rumaisa

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: Protect you

Photographer: Manuel Franco

Location: Spain

protect you.jpg

"The photo represents that as parents we have the future in our hands and that we need to take care of it with love. This photo shows the true meaning of being a parent.” - Med

"A family is all about providing nurture and comfort, which is exactly what this photo signifies." - Rumaisa

Photo: Japanese Family

Photographer: Rachanon Kanjanasakchai

Location: Japan

Japanese family..jpg

"This photograph reminds me of family trips and how families are comfortable with each other. Growing up having a mom, dad and siblings will always be a blessing to me.” - Med

"The combination of a chaos and comfort depicted in this photo in remarkable." - Rumaisa

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