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Sports in Action

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Photo Challenge: Sports in Action

April 21, 2016 09:45 0 comments

Theme: Sports in Action

Capture powerful images of the sweat, tears and dedication in action and adventure sports.
Upload these photos to our Market category ‘Sports in Action’ for a chance to win


  • Grand Prize Winner: $500 Amazon voucher for photography equipment and featured in our upcoming social media campaign (Your names and photo will be showcased to thousands on our Facebook and Twitter pages)
  • 1st Runner Up: $300 Amazon voucher for photography equipment
  • 2nd Runner Up: $200 Amazon voucher for photography equipment
From sporting events to personal fitness, we want to highlight the emotions of physical exercise and competitiveness.  We want to showcase the most creative and captivating sports photography on the planet as an art form. We’re looking for defining action shots, decisive moments and displays of true comradery to help bring people closer the exciting world of action sports. 

Judges will be selecting the best photos based on creativity in perspective, angle, focal point, focus/sharpness and relevance to theme.  Photos must not previously have won an award in one of our previous photography contests. Three winners will be selected all together.

  • Angie Quach, Member of CoinaPhoto Team
  • Sean Pierce, Former CoinaPhoto contest winner
CoinaPhoto user: Dedi Erfiadi
Photo: Push the TOP
Judge’s Feedback: “Technically, what a beautiful photo. Clean, focus and amazing array of popping colors. From the angle of the shot, you feel as if you’re up there with the climber, feeling his anxiety and willpower as he swings across.” -Angie Quach, Member of CoinaPhoto Team
Push the TOP
CoinaPhoto user: Sandi Bertoncelj
Judge’s Feedback: “This is a great example of “Man & Machine” exploring the wilderness together, I love how the photographer illustrates the determination of the Mountain Biker.” -Sean Pierce, Previous CoinaPhoto contest winner
The call of the mountain
CoinaPhoto user: Camilo Diaz
Judge’s Feedback: “The intensity of this photograph has me in awe,  I feel that I’m right there in the water and I’m the last one standing to defend the goal.” 
Sean Pierce, Previous CoinaPhoto contest winner
Underwater Rugby Colombia
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