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Anyone who visits CoinaPhoto will be able to view all of the photos published in the Market which are available for sale.  If you wish to upload an image to CoinaPhoto but not make it available for sale, you can upload the image to your private folder instead. 

Each time someone buys your photo, the full value of the sale price will be credited to your CoinaPhoto account via tokens in your Wallet. 

Simply click the 'upload photo' button in the blue toolbar and select ‘upload photos for sale’.  Follow the on-screen prompts and ensure that you input relevant keywords and select the relevant categories to maximise your chances of being noticed in the Market. 

Once published, your photo will be available in the Market for public sale (note: this process usually takes about 24 hours).

The private library is visible only to your friends on CoinaPhoto. The private library can be used to share any images that you wish to share with your friends but do not want to make available for sale. 

Simply go to the settings icon in the blue toolbar at the top of the screen and select your preferred privacy settings.

Please review our terms and conditions for IP rights and usage rights.

Yes!  Every time you gift a token or post, buy or sell a photo you can share the good news with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+.  Simply click on ‘share photo’ icon underneath the image you’d like to share and select your preferred network.

Find the folder you wish to edit, hover over the image and click ‘Rename’.  Amend the title of the album and click ‘Ok’.

CoinaPhoto does not allow photos with personal watermarks and initials to be published in the Market as buyers prefer to buy and download photos that do not have any marks or initials. In order to protect a CoinaPhoto photographer’s rights, all photos in the Market have a CoinaPhoto watermark on them which is only removed once a buyer downloads a photo. 

CoinaPhoto Recommended photos highlight our best photos available in the CoinaPhoto Market. For photos to be chosen in this section, they must be high resolution and available in all 3 sizes (photos are automatically sized when uploaded) and show proper use of light, colour, focus and sharpness.

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