September 09, 2018 11:08

Last week, some outstanding images caught our attention. These five photos had us in awe of the photographers’ skills – their ability and creativity. The following are the most remarkable images from last week…





Location Shot: Estonia

In Search for the Ice Queen by Meryl Kärner

Location Shot: Bled, Slovenija

Bled island from above by Nina Lozej

Location Shot: Venice, Italy

Venice by Atanas Nace Palanov

Location Shot: Spain

We are tiny by Pablo Jruiz

Location Shot:  Indonesia 

Kala Senja by Irman Andriana

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Comments • (4)
September 10, 2018 17:27
Beautiful wow
Nikola Petkovic
September 10, 2018 22:15
The second one is shoot by my girlfriend she only just started Coinaphoto, go check her profile out
Nina Lozej
September 10, 2018 22:18
thanks so much for featuring my photo
Vanja Nedic
September 14, 2018 13:09

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