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As the only planet to sustain a wide array of ecosystems, Earth never fails to surprise the beholder with the magic of its wonders. This Earth Day, Team CoinaPhoto lets you in on some of their favourite photos that Gaia herself would be proud of. Together let’s celebrate the love of all the marvels that our planet has to offer us. Happy Earth Day from CoinaPhoto HQ!

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge.svgLocation: Antalya, Turkey


Look Away by Koray Koluglu

“It’s the tranquillity of this image that stopped me and made me go back in time. It’s difficult to speak huge amounts of emotion for our planet through a still image but this shot has magical energy of peace, love and never ending calm pouring out of it – its an image I would love to live in.” – Jurate, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Dublin

Location: Skopje, Macedonia


“I feel this image should be called the ‘path to heaven’ – it has everything I love about mother earth, seemingly infinite mountains, a track that is inviting you to take the journey, sun rays that are your guiding angels, the clouds building a sense of urgency and the river that shows you that life exists at the other side!” – Shahab, CEO

Location: Delhi, India


The Sacred Chandratel Lake by Nitish Waila

“Wow, you can see why the photographer has gone to the effort of trekking through the Himalayas to visit the sacred Chandratal lake. It’s a photo that communicates calm and serenity. The spectrum of colours captured just seems to keep expanding the longer you look at the photo.” – Jean-Paul, Marketing Lead, Dubai

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Oasis at the Desert by Marlon Omandal

“What an exceptional scene. An oasis in the middle of the desert is like finding a needle in a haystack. The photo translates perfectly how resourceful our Mother Earth is. The reflection of the dunes and of greenery in the water would make anyone want to quench their thirst!”” – Lilia, Marketing Executive, Dubai

Location: Tenerife, Spain


Taganana Shore by Jose Fernandez

“This photo makes me wish that instead of sitting at my desk writing why i love this shot, I was actually in Tenerife admiring this view that our planet presents to us. The image brings about a sense of sweet meloncholy which resonates through the fading light slowly dying but still softly reflecting on the pebbles, showcasing how nature always nourishes all its elements.” – Rumaisa, Senior Content Marketing Executive, Dubai

Location: Glendalough, Ireland


Glendalough by Killian Whyte

“Although this image is dark and cold at the first instance, once you look at it for a longer period, it is indeed most intriguing and inviting of possibilities that could be hidden inside the voluminous trees and branches. Not all is as it seems.” – Jurate, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Dublin

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Hummingbird Flying by Cesar Vieira

“An extremely difficult shot to take given the rhythm and speed of the absolutely mesmerizing humming bird. The face off between the humming bird and the flower reflects how mother earth provides for all living things no matter what shape, size or form they come in. I feel this picture should be called ‘Nature in complete harmony’ for these reasons.” – Shahab, CEO

Location: Latvia


Autumn Landscape by Jevgenij Skolokov

“The way the photographer has captured the autumn landscape reflected in the lake adds an almost magic-like quality to the photo. The contrast of colours and the way this photo draws your eye into the reflections made this one of my favourite Mother Earth photos.” – Jean-Paul Smalls, Marketing Lead, Dubai

Location: India

DSC_0669 (2)_edited

Creation in Destruction by Deetoo DK

“This is a great piece of art taken in the middle of a limestone mine site. The vivid colors associated with the roughness of the rocks and the clouds in movement translate a sense of chaos and agitation. Although it seems paradoxical, the title says it all: it is in this illusion of destruction that exists creation.” – Lilia, Marketing Executive, Dubai

Louisiana, United States


Oak Alley by Gosha L

“Inviting, nurturing yet solitary – exactly the kind of location one needs to escape to after getting caught up in the monotony of our mechanical lives. Mother Earth astounds here with the sheer power of its self sustainance!” – Rumaisa, Senior Content Marketing Executive, Dubai.

Which shot of our wonderful planet enticed you the most?

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