May 31, 2018 11:21

From Bhutan to UK and India to Poland brace yourself to see the diverse range of photos in May that we couldn’t stop gushing over. Find out which 5 ended up on our list on the top photos of the month and won 10 free tokens.



Location Shot: Bhutan

Photographer: Tshering Namgyel

Sister's love

Sister love by Tshering Namgyel

Why we love it: It’s all about the timing in this shot and the photographer nails that. The sharp colours are admirable and the sibling-duo absolutely won us over with their cuteness!

Location Shot: 

Photographer: Konrad Hryciuk

another tv scene

Another tv scene by Konrad Hryciuk

Why we love it: This photo strikes the user by its out of the box execution. The combination of the bold stripes, the bright colours and the movement in the shadows captures an artistic sight!

Location Shot: Spain

Photographer: Russ Pearce

Colourful Madrid

Colourful Madrid by Russ Pearce

Why we love it: A beautifully bright and sunny day captured in a picturesque part of Madrid, made even better by the zest of colours injected in to the shot.

Location Shot: United Kingdom

Photographer: Diana Mess

Wedding in Lonodn
Wedding in London by Diana Mess

Why we love it: From the grey skies adding a hint of melancholy to the scene and St Paul’s cathedral peeking through to the near symmetrical reflection of the couple on the glass – we can’t fault a single thing about this photo!

Location: India

Photographer: Prianko Biswas

Being heartless is always the best way to grap your success

Being heartless by Prianko Biswas

Why we love it: There’s an artistic sense of tragedy about this photo. A wonderful image depicting raw beauty and freedom!

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Written by Rumaisa Khan

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