May 07, 2019 18:17

Many photographers couldn’t resist this superb yet simple object able to create magical effects on every photo.

What this simple crystal thing does is flipping anything upside you view through the ball and make so-called refraction photos. The result is a unique and eye-catching perspective that looks stunning in the overall photo.

So-called lensballs come in different sizes, each able to do wonders where ever you are. If you are a keen photographer of landscapes, portraits or architectures, a crystal ball can add new dimensions to your work.

To spark your imagination, take a look at these lensball photography examples from our platform:

“Sunset” by Norman Ross


“Lensball Sunset” by Alex-Ionescu


“Reflection” by Norman Ross


“Pines” by Janine Moore

pine trees through a crystal ball

“A full glass” by Peter Brocklehurst


“Sunset at Long Jetty” by Nicole Avagliano

sunset at long jetty with lensball

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